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Burlington suite with a walk in shower

Introducing the Burlington Suite with a Walk-in Shower, a recent project that showcases a stunning combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Featuring the Burlington free-standing vanity with curved corners, this project ensures a seamless flow of the room while keeping all pipework hidden away for a clean look. The close-coupled back-to-wall toilet and bidet further add to the overall elegance of this project.
The suite features a Trafalgar radiator that not only heats the room but also dries towels with its column radiator and chrome rail
The renovation includes an 1800 x 900mm walk in shower with easy-to-clean Mermaid shower wall panels, and an Aqualisa quartz shower with dual outlets that provides an invigorating showering experience. This project is a great example of how to create a beautiful and functional bathroom space.
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