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  • Allan Cutler

Building bathrooms with Wedi

Wedi is the industry leader of innovative tile backer solutions. Precision engineered in Germany, they provide solid and secure surfaces for tiling.

Evey element is designed to interlock with one another offering a floor to ceiling full system solution that protects the bathroom and building structure from mould and fungi.

The Wedi building range offers wall boards, wetroom shower trays, feature niches, bath panels and much more.

Wedi shower trays

Wedi shower trays come in a multitude of sizes and form a strong base to be tiled. Theres trays have slopes formed into them to send all of the water into drain. They also have an easy clean shower waste for simple maintenance.

Wedi building boards

Wedi building boards give you the opitunity to create a turly unique bathroom. With this rage you can create curved walls, bath panels, shelves, platforms for basin's, box in pipework and much more. All of this while giving an excellent surface to tile over.

To find out what we can do with Wedi on your project give us call on 01472 35 99 80 to arrange your free survey.

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