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Finding the right the shower

Getting the right shower for your bathroom is always straight forward. Making sure it will work with your water system and covers the holes from your existing shower are key.

The main types of domestic waters are Low pressure gravity feed systems and high pressure systems running from a combi boiler for example.

Low pressure water system

Low pressure or gravity feed waters systems have less than one bar of pressure. The pressure for a gravity feed is generated by the distance between the bottom of your cold water tank and the position of the shower head. For every meter between these two points you get 0.1 bar of pressure. So for example if you have five meters between the shower head and the bottom of the cold water tank you have 0.5 bar pressure and if there is 7 meters between them you have 0.7 bar pressure.

In most domestic settings the bathroom is upstairs and the cold water tank is in the loft meaning there is not a lot of distance between the shower head and cold tank. In this scenario a pump is needed to make the shower work well. One example of a shower with an integrated pump is the Aqualisa Quartz shown above. The type of shower will get your around low pressure problems and give and invigorating shower.

High pressure water system

High pressure water systems have more than 1.0 bar of pressure. Combination boilers and gravity systems with over 10m between the shower head and base of the cold water tanks have this. For these systems mixer showers offer sleek design and durability. From simple bar showers to concealed showers with dual or triple outlets feeding a fixed shower head an adjustable shower head and bath there are a multitude of options.

To find out more about getting the right shower for you call in to our bathroom showroom at 33-41 Chuch Street Grimsby. Or give us call on 01472 35 99 80 to arrange your free survey.

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