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  • Allan Cutler

Heated towel rails or a designer towel rail

When it comes to heating your bathrooms there are a multitude of options, lets take a look at a few.

Heated towel rails

Heated towel rails are available in many different finishes and sizes. The Konnex heated towel rail below has flat rails instead of the more traditional round ones. This design lends it's to the more modern square design of bathroom suites and L shaped shower baths.

One the key things to remember when you are replacing a standard radiator with a heated towel rail is to get one that will heat the room properly. A standard radiator has a large surface area for it's size. Where as a heated towel rail has less surface area due to the gaps in the design. All manufactures will give you the BTU or Watts out put for the rail you are looking at. It's important to keep an eye out for these figures because there is nothing worse than a cold bathroom.

Designer radiators

Designer radiators will often come with a option of an towel that will bolt onto it. These offer something different to a standard radiator or heated rail. They have unique shapes and colours to chose from. The Vega from Phoenix Bathrooms come in eight different colours and has four options for the towel rail.

Traditional Radiators

If it's a classic look you want for your bathroom a traditional rail can help you finish it in style. These column radiators are brilliant for heating room and drying your towels with the combination of radiator and chrome rails. To learn more out heating your bathroom call in to one of our bathroom showrooms in Grimsby or Louth.

York heated towel rail from Phoenix bathrooms.

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