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  • Allan Cutler

Mermaid shower wall panels

Mermaid panels are an excellent options for the walls in shower. These panels are easy to keep clean than tiles, we've all been there trying to scrub grout lines clean. These smooth panels can simply be squeegeed off after use to keep them looking like new.

Mermaid panels are solid panels that are manufactured in the UK and are far more durable than a PVC alternative. With there solid construction and tough laminate you won’t get the problems that come with the PVC panel. PVC panels be easily punctured due to their corrugated construction and the finish can be washed off over time. Mermaid panels are guaranteed for 15 years so you can fit them confidence.

With over 100 decors to choose from Mermaid have the finish for you. To discover more from the range call in to one of bathroom showrooms in Grimsby or Louth.

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