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  • Allan Cutler

Walk in showers

Walk in showers are a great alternative to baths. They are easy to access and with a shower tray are easy to keep clean.

You have a lot of options when it comes to walk in shower, from slimline shower trays and wetrooms to trays on legs there is something for your project.

We recommend stone resin shower trays the MX elements shower tray is tried and test for durability. The smooth finish on this tray is a real plus in our area because of the problems with limescale we experience. This coupled with an easy clean waste help to reduce the time you spend cleaning.

For this wetroom we used the Wedi system with mosaic tiles. The mosaic tiles were used to allow for the slope of the shower tray. If a larger format tile is selected they will need to be cut on an angle so the water drains away, please see image below.

To find you easy access shower give us a call today on 01472 35 99 80 for your free survey.

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